FOTONES de Rock, Mods, Glam, Punk, Post -Punk ….

This is about the attitude that was essential to the make up of the rock genre and beyond.

This pics are refreshingly honest. You  can see the line between these people, they were connected, period.

They changed many mindsand attitudes, the way how we think in this  right momment, may I say ?

                     DO IT YOURSELF .. DIY

bob dylan

Bob Dylan 

eddie sedgwick

    Eddie Sedwieck

pete towshend

Pete Towshend 

jim morrison

Jim Morrison

bowie foto rara 6

David Bowie 

ramones joe johnny

Joey and Johhny Ramone

dee tommy

  Dee Dee y Tommy Ramone

richard hell

   Richard Hell 

Sex Pistols & Rotten, Johnny

Johnny Rotten and Steve Jones ?


Susy Quatro y Joan Jett

billy murcia cucho peñaloza zicoydelia

New York Dolls with Billy Murcia on drums.

sex pistols

Sex Pistols 

iggy pop

Iggy Pop 

heart breakers

 Heartbreakers : J Thunders, J Nolan con Richard Hell 

lou reed

Lou  Reed

patti smith

Patti Smith 

stooges primer albun azul

The Stooges 


The Cramps

ian curtis

 Ian Curtis 

This pics are nicely as a triple bill of birth, death and revival.


I made this collage of parts  of some vids  like5 years ago for my tv program  TV ROCK .check it out

Los dos mejores bateristas de la historia del rock n roll tocando JUNTOS

 John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) y Keith Moon de (The who) son los más grandes bateristas de la historia del Rock n Roll.

Por ahí alguién dirá Neil Peart de Rush , etc etc blah blah blah .. GLU GLU GLU …. pero no , ellos fueron los dos mejores ….

Acá  pueden ver esta foto que a mi parecer es rara; hoy leyendo una crónica de Nick Kent ( Apathy for the devil o Dark Stuff, grandes libros de Kent que recominedo ).

Me enteré que Nick Kent estuvo con ambos en 1975 matándose a tragos una noche, fui a google puse en la barra Keith Moon John Bonham 1975 y APARECIÓ la foto en dos tamaños en  dos Tumrl. s     SERVIDOS

Keith Moon with Led Zeppelin in 1977, California. #Epic.

Keith Moon Pictures Of Lily John Bonham Amber Vistalite

The Who : Adónde tomaron la foto para “The Kids Are Alright” …

“The Kids Are Alright” is a 1979 rockumentary film and soundtrack album by The Who.  The iconic photo used for both the film and soundtrack shows the members of The Who sleeping against a wall, draped with a giant British “Union Jack” Flag.

The Kids Are Alright The Who Photo Location Carl Schurz Monument


Despite prominent use of the British “Union Jack”, the photo was actually taken in the United States of America.  The band was photographed in New York City at the Carl Schurz Monument located on 116th Street and Morningside Drive in Morningside Heights, New York City.

Carl Schurz Monument The Who The Kids Are Alright Photo Location

The photo was taken in 1968 by photographer Art Kane.  Here are a few cool alternate takes from the photo shoot that show more of the monument.

The Who The Kids Are Alright Schurz Monument Park New York


The Who The Kids Are Alright Photo Location New York

John Entwistle de The Who FELIZ DÍA (lugar donde falleció)


John Entwistle es uno de los mejores bajistas del Rock n Roll o el mejor, en fin … Nos dejó de una manera tonta y ad portas de un nuevo tour.

Escucha esta intro de bajo y opina o mejor dicho AFIRMA.

Información en ingles  de dónde, cómo y con quién falleció John en las Vegas en el 2002.

John Entwistle died June 27, 2002 in Room 658 at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas from a heart attack brought on by taking cocaine on the day before The Who kicked off their American tour.

John Entwistle Alycen Rowse The Who Death

The Who Bass John Entwistle Death Alycen Rowse

According to The Clark County medical examiner, after spending the day with band, Entwistle went to bed at 3:00 AM that night with stripper/groupie Alycen Rowse

Alycen Rowse John Entwhistle The Who Death Las Vegas

Rowse woke at 10:00 AM to find Entwistle “unresponsive and cold to touch.”  A forensic toxicologist, said: “Cocaine would not have caused death on its own. This was not cocaine poisoning. This sort of level would not have caused his death had it not been for the effects it had on his damaged heart.”  He estimated the 57 year-old Entwistle had used the drug three to four hours before his death.

The Who John Entwhistle Death Hard Rock Hotel

cJohn Entwhistle The Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas The Who

John Entwistle October 9, 1944 – June 27,  2002