Prince cobra dos dolares por ver su nuevo video

Prince charges fans £1.13 to see new music video

Prince has upset fans by charging them to see his new video.

A video for new song ‘Screwdriver’ was revealed earlier today (February 11) on Prince’s website. However, fans wanting to view the promo have no choice but to download the video at a cost of £1.13. Though it is standard practise for musicians to charge fans to download their music videos, Prince is unique in that the download is the only way to see the ‘Screwdriver’ video – it is not being hosted on any of the usual platforms. Fans of The Purple One have reacted negatively to the decision with Twitter user @DuggyLimes writing, “So um… Prince updated his website finally and is charging $1.77 to watch his 8 min music video. Uhh, yeah, I’ll pass.” A spokesperson for Prince has yet to return NME‘s request for a comment.

‘Screwdriver’ is one of two new Prince songs to be unveiled in recent weeks after another new track, titled ‘Breakfast Can Wait’, was shared earlier this month. The song, which is available on the singer’s webstore, follows the announcement of a brand new single ‘Screwdriver’, which is set for release today (February 11). It comes after the release of the track ‘Rock And Roll Love Affair’ in December 2012.

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