LED ZEPPELIN : El avión que utilizaron en los setentas


When Led Zeppelin toured North America for their 1973 and 1975 concert tours they chartered “The Starship.”  “The Starship” was a former United Airlines Boeing 720B passenger jet, bought by Bobby Sherman and his manager, Ward Sylvester, and leased to touring musical artists in the mid-1970s.


The N Number was N7201U, The Serial Number was 17907, it was the first B720 built and it was delivered to United Airlines on October 1960 and then purchased in 1973 by Contemporary Entertainment.  Sherman and Sylvester invested $200,000 to reduce its seating capacity to forty and to install into the main cabin a bar, seats and tables, revolving arm chairs, a 30-foot-long couch, a television set and a video cassette player, complete with a well-stocked video library. An electronic organ was built into the bar, and at the rear of the craft were two back rooms, one with a low couch and pillows on the floor, and the other, a bedroom, complete with a white fur bedspread and shower room.

Here’s a great photo of John Paul Jones on the electronic organ…

Led Zeppelin The Starship Photos Inside

Here’s a few shots of Jimmy Page & Robert Plant aboard “The Starship.


robert_plant_led_zep_airplane_the_starship the_starship_Led_zeppelin_airplane_

Flying on “The Starship,” Led Zeppelin were no longer required to change hotels so often. They could base themselves in large cities such as Chicago, New York, Dallas and Los Angeles and travel to and from concerts within flying distance.   After each show, the band members would be transported direct by limousine from the concert venue to the airport, as depicted in the Led Zeppelin concert film “The Song Remains the Same.”  For the 1973 tour The exterior of the plane was re-sprayed with Led Zeppelinemblazoned down the side of the fuselage (as pictured above).  Throughout Led Zeppelin’s 1975 US concert tour, “The Starship” was painted red-and-blue paint scheme with white stars similar to the United States flag, and with a smaller Led Zeppelin logo on the fuselage.


Here’s an awesome photo of Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page in “The Starship” sitting next to the fireplace during Led Zeppelin’s 1975 Tour.

The Starship” went through many owners from 1977 through 1979 until it went into storage at Luton Airport.  It was dismantled for parts starting in July 1982.

Led Zeppelin : If you are a fan, you must see this pic .

No John Bonham, no Led Zeppelin .……….They were very braves to stop using the band´s name  and tour with another guy in the 80’s 90’s , etc .Now Jason Bonham ( John ´s son ) is in charge of the drums THAT’S FAIR ..

The Who didnt care or R.E.M. …….

Led Zeppelin : Canción Rock and Roll en vivo (Video con subtítulos) GENIOS

No hay nada más que agregar, eran una locomotora !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     Ya consolidados como los más grandes en vivo 

Un pulpo Bonzo

             HAWAII 1969 con las grabaciones en mano

Led Zeppelin : Carátulas de sus discos y sus inspiraciones

         Mi preferida del disco en estos momentos 

Mi preferida del disco en estos momentos

Mi preferida del disco y la que me introdujo a los Led Zep




John Bonham Led Zeppelin Death Old Mill House Jimmy Page

On September 24th, 1980 John Bonham died in an upstairs bedroom at The Old Mill House in Clewer, Windsor that was owned by Led Zeppelin bandmate Jimmy Page.

old_mill_house_john_bonham_death_jimmy_page_led_zeppelin old_mill_house_john_bonham_death_jimmy_page


Here’s a google street view of the house and link…


On 24 September 1980, Bonham was picked up by Led Zeppelin assistant Rex King to attend rehearsals at Bray Studios (below) for an upcoming North American tour, the band’s first since 1977, scheduled to commence on 17 October.


Rexy King ( right ) pick up Bonzo one day before he died  ( they started drinking vodka ) 


bray-studios_led_zeppelin_rehearsal_john_bonham_death bray_studios_john_bonham_death_rehearsal_led_zeppelin

Before arriving at Bray Studios, Bonham had asked to stop for breakfast, where he downed four quadruple vodkas (450 ml), with a ham roll.  After taking a bite of the ham roll he said to his assistant, “Breakfast”.  He then continued to drink heavily when he arrived at the studio.  A halt was called to the rehearsals late in the evening and the band retired to Page’s house—The Old Mill House in Clewer, Windsor.  After midnight, Bonham had fallen asleep and was taken to bed and placed on his side.  At 1:45 pm the next day Benji LeFevre (who had replaced Richard Cole asLed Zeppelin’s tour manager) and John Paul Jones found him dead.  Bonham was just 32.

Here’s some photos of the interior of The Old Mill House…


The cause of death was asphyxiation from vomit, and a verdict of accidental death was returned at an inquest held on 27 October.  An autopsy found no other drugs in Bonham’s body.  Bonhamwas cremated on 10 October 1980, and his ashes buried at Rushock parish church in Droitwich, Worcestershire England.  The stone reads,: “Cherished memories of a loving husband and father,: John Henry Bonham: Who died Sept. 25th 1980.: He will always be remembered in our hearts,: Goodnight my Love, God Bless.”


                                             BONZO R.I.P.
One of the last show of Led Zep ,June 27 1980 in Germany