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Rock n Roll Heaven , we salute you.

Gracias a toda la gente que conectó con este blog, en solo seis meses ha crecido de cero a casi un cuarto de millón de vistas.

Solo quería agradecer su paciencia y aportes.

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Rock n Roll y un gran 2013.

The Clash – Live in Tokyo, Japan 1982 – full concert

Adelanto de navidad de este Blog. Gran concierto BIEN RARO de The Clash en Japón en 1982.

Tapa del DVD 

The-Clash-Tokyo-1982 cucho peñaloza

The Clash Live in Tokyo, 1982: Watch the Complete Concert

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In late January and early February of 1982 the Clash played eight shows in Japan. The band was embarking on a month-long tour of the Far East that, as fate would have it, would be the last tour with their classic lineup. When it was over, drummer Topper Headon was kicked out because of his disruptive drug habit, and the band would never be the same. In this video we roll back the clock to see and hear the Clash in the twilight of their heyday.

The concert was apparently filmed on the fourth night of the tour, at the Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo on January 28, 1982. According to music journalist Chris Salewicz’s book Redemption Song: The Ballad of Joe Stummer, the Clash had refused to play in Japan prior to this tour because of the Japanese custom forbidding audience members to stand up. They agreed to play after a compromise was struck: The fans could stand, but only at their seats.

The band had just finished recording Combat Rock, but none of the songs from the unreleased record are in the film. At one point, bassist Paul Simonon’s wife Pearl Harbor (a.k.a. Pearl E. Gates) of the new wave band Pearl Harbor and the Explosions joins the Clash onstage to sing “Fujiyama Mama.

Joe Strummer : Feliz día al líder de los Clash ( película de su vida )

Joe Strummer el líder de los Clash está de cumpleaños hoy, esta película es muy buena de inicio a fin.La banda sonora son los temás que a él le gustaban.

Mighty Joe descansa en paz …