Jim Morrison : La última foto de Jim en el departamento que murió en Paris

 Jim Morrison in Paris June 1971

Moving to No. 17 Rue Beautreillis, Morrison placed a desk near the window in order to write at. Spending the majority of his time wandering the streets, Morrison carried his notebooks in a bag at his side at all times.

One Jim Morrison’s final notebook from his time in Paris, 1971.

Despite its obvious merits to any literate that would take the time to read it, the poetry of Jim Morrison has always been too casually dismissed. This dismissal mostly comes as a flippant reaction to the audience who have come to embrace Jim Morrison: generally comprised of awkward adolescents and teenagers who believe they are obsessed with death—when in actuality it is sex and a sense of discovery that has strangled their brains. Often, for this group of admirers it’s not even the man Morrison they cling to but the dark image of him, the risk and pleasure he represents. Yet, developing and hormone-addled youth shouldn’t be judged here, nor their easy acceptance of projected iconography that has certainly been marketed towards them; but the adult academics and intellectuals who continue to not only disregard the man’s work, but actually let out a little chuckle of disdain at his mention do deserve a harsh word or two.

To my mind and tastes Jim Morrison was a truly gifted American poet with a distinctive Americanvoice and cadence that should be appreciated and celebrated, as Whitman’s is, as Robert Frost’s is, as Hart Crane’s is.

Again, he is dismissed because he was a rock star, but who could argue that if Rimbaud had come of age during the 1950s and 1960s in the United States that he wouldn’t have pursued the decadence of rock ‘n’ roll as a form of artistic expression before abandoning it all for the world of commerce?

Another factor for the lack of recognition (if not contempt) for Morrison’s writing is the confounding of his lyrics with his poetry. Although the two are not always mutually exclusive, for the most part they remain two different animals. Whereas Morrison might have crooned into your ear that there were “weird scenes inside the goldmine,” within his poems he could go on to meditate on these scenes, and although odd, it’s also all so very familiar:

I have a vision of America

Seen from the air

28,000 ft. and going fast

A one armed man in a Texas

parking labyrinth

A burnt tree like a giant primeval bird

in an empty lot in Fresno

Miles and miles of hotel corridors

& elevators, filled with citizens

There are certain conventions and limitations placed upon a lyricist that might work splendidly while sung along with the buzz and hum of an electric guitar or the roll of a drum but that nevertheless fall flat or seem simply self-indulgent when read upon the page. With the verse, notes, and fragments of dialogue that he constantly scrawled into the notebooks he always carried, Morrison could drop any “Lizard King” posturing of his rock ‘n’ roll persona and indulge in what he always saw as his true work: poetry.

Freeways are a drama, a new

art form. Signs. Houses.

Faces. Loud gabble of Blacks

at a bus stop.

-Morrison in the closet of his room at LA’s Chateau Marmont hotel, May 1968, as The Doors were finishing recording sessions for Waiting For The Sun. (photo by Art Kane).

By 1969 Morrison often seemed dissatisfied if not outright bored with The Doors and their music, but had been dissuaded from quitting by the other members. He would go on to state in an interview with CBC Radio, “I’m hung up on the art game, you know? My great joy is to give form to reality. Music is a great release, a great enjoyment to me. Eventually I’d like to write something of great importance. That’s my ambition—to write something worthwhile” (Nester, 2011). His growing lack of interest in the music is occasionally evident in the band’s creative output of the time. This statement is in no way meant to disparage the music of The Doors, as I still believe to this day that together, keyboardist Ray Manzarek, drummer John Densmore, and guitarist Robby Krieger had one of the most singular sounds ever created by a rock band. I’m not even certain they qualify to be labeled as “rock.”

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Rockeros : En la playa o piscinas …. Holydays in the Sun





Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger Swim Suit The Rolling Stones

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page Swim Suit Led Zeppelin

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney Linda Swim Suits The Beatles

brian jones n keith richards 

brian jones keith richards cucho peñaloza

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison The Doors Swim Suit Miami Fishing

Janis joplin 

janis joplin  topless cucho peñaloza



the-runaways-in-creem cucho peñaloza

If you find pics of Rock-girls in swimming suits will be more than cool .Send  the link here please 


JIM MORRISON, Fotos no muy conocidas de su familia con Mr Mojo Risin

Jim Morrison fue hijo de George y Clara Morrison, nacio un 8 de Diciembre de 1943 en Melbourne, Florida. 


Jim Morrison Family Brother Andrew Lee Sister Anne Robin George Clara

Here’s a photo of the Morrison kids together…

Jim Morrison The Doors Brother Andrew Lee Sister Ann Robin

Here is a later undated photo of Jim with his sister Anne.

Anne Robin Morrison Sister With Brother Jim Morrison The Doors

Here is a recent photo of Jim’s sister Anne Robin Morrison who is a school teacher that resides in California.

Anne Robin Morrison Jim Morrison Sister The Doors

Here is a photo of Jim and his little brother Andrew “Andy” Lee Morrison

Jim Morrison Brother Andrew Andy Lee Morrison The Doors

Here is a more recent photo of Andy Morrison…

Jim Morrison Brother Andrew Andy Lee Morrison The Doors

Pienso que  si Jim Morrison hubiera cambiado de vida se veria algo asi ..


FOTONES de Rock, Mods, Glam, Punk, Post -Punk ….

This is about the attitude that was essential to the make up of the rock genre and beyond.

This pics are refreshingly honest. You  can see the line between these people, they were connected, period.

They changed many mindsand attitudes, the way how we think in this  right momment, may I say ?

                     DO IT YOURSELF .. DIY

bob dylan

Bob Dylan 

eddie sedgwick

    Eddie Sedwieck

pete towshend

Pete Towshend 

jim morrison

Jim Morrison

bowie foto rara 6

David Bowie 

ramones joe johnny

Joey and Johhny Ramone

dee tommy

  Dee Dee y Tommy Ramone

richard hell

   Richard Hell 

Sex Pistols & Rotten, Johnny

Johnny Rotten and Steve Jones ?


Susy Quatro y Joan Jett

billy murcia cucho peñaloza zicoydelia

New York Dolls with Billy Murcia on drums.

sex pistols

Sex Pistols 

iggy pop

Iggy Pop 

heart breakers

 Heartbreakers : J Thunders, J Nolan con Richard Hell 

lou reed

Lou  Reed

patti smith

Patti Smith 

stooges primer albun azul

The Stooges 


The Cramps

ian curtis

 Ian Curtis 

This pics are nicely as a triple bill of birth, death and revival.


I made this collage of parts  of some vids  like5 years ago for my tv program  TV ROCK .check it out

Michael McClure: El Poeta Beat amigo de Jim Morrison, Janis, Dylan , etc’s

Pamela Courson, Jim Morrison y Michael McClure  llegando de hacer unas compras en San Francisco.

Michael McClure  era ya un poeta conocido en Norteamérica, Jack Kerouac lo citaba en sus novelas con otros nombres, era amigo de Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, Janis Joplin, Timothy Leary, se movía en la crema y nada de la contracultura americana como quería.


 Michael Mcclure, Bob Dylan y Allen Ginsberg

Jim Morrison y Michael McClure  se conocieron y se hicieron amigos en la gira europea de los Doors de 1968. McClure comenzó a leer algunos de los poemas de Morrison y le gustaron mucho, fue él quien pasó la voz a los poetas Beats que Morrison era poeta también.

McClure también quería a  Morrison para aparecer en una versión cinematográfica de su obra “El Barba”, como Billy The Kid. Por otro lado McClure y Morrison también trabajaron en el guión de McClure “El Adepto”.

McClure por otro lado después colaboró con el tecladista de los Doors  Ray Manzarek en su proyecto” Amor de león” y apareció en el film de Manzarek’s  Love Her Madly.

Por último el libro más vendido de los Doors ” Nadie sale vivo de aquí ” escrito por Danny Sugerman  el prólogo fue escrito por el propio Michael McClure.

Michael McClure analizando un tema de los Doors, hay más videos en youtube ojo .

Por otro lado Janis  Joplin  admiraba a Michael y es él en parte responsable de la canción Mercedez Benz. Bob Neuwirth, Janis y Michael McClure ltienen e lcrédito de la canción y Janis la grabó en 1970. Janis un día comenzó a cantar la primera línea de Michael McClure: “Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz?

Janis llamó a Michael McClure  a su casa y le contó “he compuesto una canción y se parece a tu poema, te interesa compartir créditos y que el poema y la canción co existan ? “, Michael accedió, dos años después la canción era grabada y se convertiría en un clásico de su generación …