George Harrison Joins John Lennon and Paul McCartney 55 years ago


The BeatlesThe third part of the equation that would become the Beatles fell into place on Feb. 6, 1958. George Harrison joined the Quarry Men, the John Lennon-led group that Paul McCartney had joined as a second guitarist and singer the previous summer.

Harrison, who was a few weeks shy of his 15th birthday, had known McCartney for about a year. The two were students at the Liverpool Institute and frequently took the same bus to and from school. A friendship blossomed, and the two began jamming together, even after McCartney had moved from Speke to Allerton.

When the Quarry Men – named after the Quarry Bank High School where the band was formed the years earlier – were looking to bring in a third guitarist (they had the idea long before Lynyrd Skynyrd), McCartney suggested his friend. The audition took place, strangely enough, on the top of a double-decker bus. At McCartney’s prompt, Harrison took out his guitar and played Bill Justis’ R&B instrumental ‘Raunchy,’ a No. 2 hit on Sun Records in 1957.

Lennon was impressed with the note-perfect rendition. But the 17-year old Lennon, who was already at Liverpool Art College, had reservations about being in a group with such a youngster. As McCartney put it in ‘Anthology,’ “It seemed an awful lot at the time. If we wanted to do anything grown-up we worried about George looking young. We thought, ‘He doesn’t shave…can’t we get him to look like a grown-up?’”

Typically, Lennon, also in ‘Anthology,’ put it more bluntly. “George looked even younger than Paul — and Paul looked about 10, with his baby face.”

But Harrison’s skill was too good to overlook for Lennon who, despite leading a band was still very much a novice on his instrument, “We asked George to join because he knew more chords,’ he said. “We got a lot from him. Paul had a friend at school who would discover chords, and these would be passed ’round Liverpool. Every time we learnt a new chord, we’d write a song around it.”

Another advantage to having Harrison in the group was that his mother didn’t object to the boys coming over and rehearsing. In fact, she welcomed it and would often give the teenagers small glasses of whiskey.

Three of the pieces were now in place. Over the next four years they would try out different names and bandmates, honing their musical and songwriting chops all the while, before the unstoppable force that became known as the Beatles were unleashed upon the world.

BEATLES : Varias fotos prohibidas de la “Butcher Photo Session”

 March 25, 1966, The Beatles took the photos that would become their most controversial photos ever taken.  The infamous “Butcher Photo Session” would later provide the short-lived album cover forThe Beatles US release of “Yesterday And Today” before they were destroyed and or pasted over.

The Beatles Yesterday and Today Butcher Cover Photo

The Beatles‘ photographer Robert Whitaker called these photos “A Somnambulant Adventure“.  The Beatles are featured wearing white coats and draped with dismembered baby doll parts, false teeth and slabs of meat.  Here are some alternate photos from the session…

The Beatles Butcher Cover Alternate Photo

The Beatles Butcher Cover Alternate Photo Session

The Beatles Butcher Cover Album Session Alternate Photos

Here’s the actual photo used for the botched album cover…

The Beatles Butcher Cover Photo Session Alternate Photos

The Beatles had grown tired of the same old photo shoots so they played along with concept and the photographer.  The photos were not originally intended as an album cover but The Beatles submitted photographs from the session to be used for their promotional material.  Why Capitol Records chose this as an album cover only to back track is beyond me.

Here’s two pretty cool shots of The Beatles before the white coats and the raw meat.

The Beatles Butcher Cover Alternate Photo Shots

The Beatles Butcher Album Cover Photo Shoot

George Harrison was later quoted as saying that he thought,

“the whole idea was gross, and I also thought it was stupid. Sometimes we all did stupid things thinking it was cool and hip when it was naïve and dumb; and that was one of them.”

Paul McCartney algo tomado en la boda de George Harrison en 1966

George Harrison married Patti Boyd on January 21, 1966 in a Surrey, South England.  Paul McCartney and The Beatles manager Brian Epstein served as co-best men at the event.  Here is a photo of the wedding party…

George Harrison Wedding Patti Boyd Paul McCartney Best Man

Looking at the photos from the day, it looks like McCartney might have had a few too many alcoholic beverages.  Here are a few photos of Paul with drink in hand…

Drunk Paul McCartney Best Man George Harrison Wedding Patti Boyd 1966

Paul McCartney Drunk George Harrison Wedding Patti Boyd 1966

Here’s a close-up of a seemingly drunken Paul…

Paul McCartney Drunk George Harrison Wedding

In these photos with the bride and groom Paul looks very happy and getting a bit too close to the new Mrs. George Harrison

Paul McCartney Drunk George Harrison Patti Boyd Wedding 1966

Best Man Paul McCartney Patti Boyd George Harrison Wedding Drunk

John Lennon  y Ringo Starr ni fueron a la boda …….


Beatles: Los cinco personajes removidos de la carátula del “Sargento Pimienta”

There were a few other famous people that were supposed to be included in the photo but for different reasons were either never made, obscured or airbrushed out of the final album cover.  A cardboard cut-out of Adolf Hitler was made but was left out of the photo shoot at the last minute.  Lennon had requested Jesus Christ but the cut-out was never made because it was only a few months after Lennon had made his famous “The Beatles are bigger then Jesus” statement.

1. Leo Gorcey – An American Movie Actor  – He was in the original photo but removed when a fee of $400 was demanded by his agent.  The image used was from the movie “Angels with Dirty Faces”.


2. Mohandas Gandhi – Was removed, because according to McCartney, “Gandhi also had to go because the head of EMI, Sir Joe Lockwood, said that in India they wouldn’t allow the record to be printed”


3. Timothy Carey –  An American Film and Televison actor – Carey’s cut-out is obscured byGeorge Harrison on the album cover and he can only be seen on out-take photos from the session. The image of Carey is from Stanley Kubrick’s movie “The Killing“.


4. Bette Davis– An American Actress – Like Carey, her cut-out was used for the photo but was obscured by Harrison as well.  She can only be seen in photo out-takes from the session.  Her cut-out image was taken from the 1939 movie “The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex“.


5. Albert Einstein – His cut-out was mostly obscured in the final photo by John Lennon as only his hair is visible.  Einstein can only be seen in the out-take photos.


Hitler no llegó a la carátula de los Beatles “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band”


Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles Album Cover Hitler

Sir Peter Blake quien diseño el set para la foto dijo “Hitler y Jesus eran los figuras controversiales, pero después que John dijera que los Beatles eran más grandes que Jesus, decidimos que no queriamos más posibles problemas –pero igual hicimos la imagen de Hitler “.

                  Hitler  ya cortado para la sesión de fotos, quedó fuera con Jesus, Ghandi, Einstein y 3 actores.

The Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Hitler

 En esta foto Adolfo Hitler ya listo para salir en la carátula


Beatles : La locación dónde se tomó la foto para el Sargento Pimienta en 1967


la foto de la carpátula de The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band fue tomada por Michael Cooper en el edificio Chelsea Manor Photographic Studios (abajo) un 30 de Marzo 30 de 1967.



Quién es ese niño, alguien sabe ?


BEATLES : Pete Best usando la camiseta “I’m Not Ringo” “No soy Ringo”

Pete Best fue el baterista de los Beatles que fue reemplazado por Ringo Starr el 16 de Agosto de 1962.

Pete Best  20 años después hizo esta camiseta I’m Not Ringo y se hizo tomar esta foto  

Pete Best I'm Not Ringo Starr Shirt The Beatles

The Beatles With Pete Best Ringo Starr

   Pete Best como Beatle ……….


George Harrison,

Pete kept being sick and not showing up for gigs, I was quite responsible for stirring things up. I conspired to get Ringo in for good, I talked to Paul and John until they came round to the idea.”


Paul McCartney,

“It was a strictly professional decision. If he wasn’t up to the mark… then there was no other choice.”


 John Lennon,

“We were cowards when we sacked him. We made Brian do it.”



“I never felt sorry … I was not involved.”



“I do feel sorry for him, because of what he could have been on to.”


Pete Best Ringo Starr The Beatles

Los Beatles nunca lo amaron demasiado y ni en los videos de Beatles Antología lo entrevistaron.

Las discográficas Decca y Parlophone  con la versión de Love  Me Do le han representado entre  £1 million a £4 million por las ediciones de las Antologías…