FOTONES de Rock, Mods, Glam, Punk, Post -Punk ….

This is about the attitude that was essential to the make up of the rock genre and beyond.

This pics are refreshingly honest. You  can see the line between these people, they were connected, period.

They changed many mindsand attitudes, the way how we think in this  right momment, may I say ?

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bob dylan

Bob Dylan 

eddie sedgwick

    Eddie Sedwieck

pete towshend

Pete Towshend 

jim morrison

Jim Morrison

bowie foto rara 6

David Bowie 

ramones joe johnny

Joey and Johhny Ramone

dee tommy

  Dee Dee y Tommy Ramone

richard hell

   Richard Hell 

Sex Pistols & Rotten, Johnny

Johnny Rotten and Steve Jones ?


Susy Quatro y Joan Jett

billy murcia cucho peñaloza zicoydelia

New York Dolls with Billy Murcia on drums.

sex pistols

Sex Pistols 

iggy pop

Iggy Pop 

heart breakers

 Heartbreakers : J Thunders, J Nolan con Richard Hell 

lou reed

Lou  Reed

patti smith

Patti Smith 

stooges primer albun azul

The Stooges 


The Cramps

ian curtis

 Ian Curtis 

This pics are nicely as a triple bill of birth, death and revival.


I made this collage of parts  of some vids  like5 years ago for my tv program  TV ROCK .check it out

Bob Dylan va a ver a Andy Warhol por un cuadro de Elvis Presley

andy warhol bob dylan cucho peñaloza

Between 1964 and 1966 Andy Warhol and his assistant, Gerard Malanga, used a 16mm Bolex camera to make 472 short films of people, both famous and obscure, who came to visit his “Factory” on East 47th Street. The idea of calling them “Screen Tests” was something of a joke, according to Malanga. It was kind of a parody of Hollywood.

Irony aside, the Screen Tests are serious works of art, the product of Warhol’s ingenious conception of a mid-twentieth century portrait. The frames of celluloid provided a natural progression to the multiple images Warhol used stylistically for the remainder of his career. As his hundreds of sixties, seventies, and eighties silk-screen portraits attest, Warhol was compelled to portray the human face. Andy’s ambition for the Screen Tests, as for film in general, was to register personality.

Warhol’s method was to load 100 feet of film into the camera, place it on a tripod, press the button, and leave it running — sometimes even walking away — until the film was gone. It was like a staring contest he couldn’t lose. Each roll took almost three minutes. In Bob Dylan’s case two rolls were exposed: one for a wide view, the other a close-up.

bd1nf65 cucho peñaloza

The exact date of the film is in dispute, but by all accounts the session was an awkward, chilly encounter. Dylan pulled up at the Factory in a station wagon with his friend, Bob Neuwirth. From the beginning it was clear that Dylan was determined to demonstrate his superior cool. As for Andy’s motives, he was clearly star-struck, in awe of Dylan’s sudden, vast celebrity. He had a more practical agenda, too: to get Dylan to appear in a Warhol movie.

dylan warhol cucho peñaloza zicoydelia

But Dylan wasn’t having it. After the sullen Screen Test, he walked over to a large painting of Elvis Presley that Warhol had already set aside for him as a gift and, by one account, said “I think I’ll just take this for payment, man.” He and Neuwirth then lifted the painting, which was nearly seven feet tall, carried it out of the studio, down the freight elevator and into the street, where they strapped it — with no protection whatsoever — onto the roof of the station wagon and drove away.

warhol1200 cucho peñaloza

Apparently, Dylan never liked the painting, Double Elvis, so he traded it with his manager, Albert Grossman, for a sofa. Another Double Elvis sold at auction in May for 37 million dollars. Dylan should have kept his and retired with the windfall before his creative output got stale. Yep, I said it.

Postscript: The exchange Dylan made with his manager is now in the MoMA’s permanent collection. (the painting, not the sofa)

doubleelvisdylan cucho peñaloza

Rompecabezas, carátulas de discos : David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan , Nirvana

Para regalo de Navidad los adultos y no tan adultos podrán regalar por 21 dolares juegos de rompecabezas de 300 piezas.

Los ochos disco clásicos seleccionados son : David Bowie’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, Jackson Browne’s Late for the Sky, Johnny Cash’s At Folsom Prison, Bob Dylan’s The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead’s Aoxomoxoa, Jimi Hendrix’s Axis Bold As Love, Nirvana’s Nevermind y Rolling Stones’ Let It Bleed.

Ha armar se ha dicho, no confundir con armarse …

GEORGE HARRISON con Bob Dylan ( 1 )

amigos de todo una vida, desde que Bob los introdujo a loa Beatles allá por el 64 pasando por el concierto de Bangladesh o como miembros de los Travelin Wilburys .………….CAPOS .