JAMES GANDOLFINI is dead, he was only 51.


James Gandolfini, who won three Emmys for his portrayal of flawed antihero and conflicted mob boss Tony Soprano in “The Sopranos,” died in Italy at the age of 51 of a possible heart attack. HBO reps confirmed his death. According to the Taormina Film Festival, he was on his way to the festival where he was expected Thursday. He had been expected to participate in an onstage conversation with Italian director Gabriele Muccino on Saturday at the Sicilian festival.

SID VICIOUS : Aparece gran foto de su época glam

Sid Vicios was a Bowie fan as you can see on this pic  Thanks to Sex Pistols archives

Siempre se especuló del fanatismo del James Dean del punk Sid Vicious por Bowie sobretodo en su etapa de Ziggy Stardust, hasta el momento solo conociamos una foto de el Ex Sex Pistols con un poster de Bowie en la pared.

Esta foto ya es todo un statement de parte de Sid, él quería ser un clone de Ziggy. Descansa en paz Siddy Stardust ..

Arturo Vega died today .. Ramones logo maker R.I.P.


Author and former resident punk of Punk Magazine Legs McNeil made it official via his Facebook page that Arturo Vega, art designer for The Ramones passed away roughly an hour ago. In his own words he stated:

One of the best friends anyone could ever hope for. I knew and hung out with Arturo since 1976– 37 fucking years, if my math is correct– and if it weren’t for Arturo– Joey and I would’ve starved to death in those early years. Artie was so fucking fun– he made every thing into an adventure. The world just became a much colder and lonelier place– as if it wasn’t getting that way already. Fuck, I miss him so much already.

Arturo was instrumental in creating the imagery for this legendary New York outfit, including their iconic eagle logo. He will be missed.


You will be remembered as a Ramone as well ..