Morrissey : Doctores le sugieren que se retire por problemas de salud

Morrissey told to stop by doctors

Morrissey needs to quit. Doctors have warned the UK singer that he should consider retiring after a long line of medical problems since the beginning of the year.

The singer has suffered from Barrett’s Esophagus and a bleeding ulcer which led to severe anemia. That, in turn, lowered his immune system making him vulnerable to illness including the double pneumonia that he contracted.

The singer is currently in Mexico recuperating from the latest hospital stay where he took time for an interview with radio station Reactor 105.7.

‘I had a very bad time. I had internal bleeding and I was rushed into hospital and I had lost a lot of blood. They tried to patch me together over the following five weeks but it didn’t work.

‘I was on lots of IV drips for almost five weeks and each time it seemed as though I was back to robust health I would decline. I had lost so much blood I had become anemic but I’m still receiving ongoing treatment and I am very optimistic now.

‘It almost became absurd the number of things that happened to me but everything just attacked me at once. The double pneumonia ‘ everything was really a result of the fact I had lost so much blood, so the immune defenses were very, very low and couldn’t cope with anything, so therefore the slightest gust of wind and I would have a terrible cold.’

When asked about the doctor’s advice to retire, he added ‘I have been cautioned to, but it’s difficult for me because it’s very ingrained in me.’



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