DAVID BOWIE : New song and video “Stars Are Out Tonight”

david bowie 2013

Bowie and Tilda Swinton play a nicely settled middle-aged couple whose comfortable existence is upended when a celebrity pair – Saskia De Brauw and Andrej Pejic, who’s made to look startlingly like a young Bowie – follow them home from the grocery store and take over their space, both physical and emotional. The couples’ roles slowly reverse, calling into question exactly what Swinton and Bowie’s characters mean at the market when they agree, “We have a nice life.”

The song starts with a slow, heavy backbeat and guttural guitar that dissolve into a propulsive bassline topped with shards of guitar and atmospheric synthesizers, for an effect reminiscent of vintage Bowie. It’s the second song the singer has released from his upcoming album The Next Day, which is due next month. The first tune, “Where Are We Now?” was moodier and more reflective, with a video that revisited some of the places the singer used to frequent in Berlin in the Seventies.

bowie 2 2013



2 pensamientos en “DAVID BOWIE : New song and video “Stars Are Out Tonight”

  1. Esta canción me gusta más que el primer adelanto del disco. Nunca volverá a las cuotas de genialidad de los 70, pero es un muy buen regreso. Parece que el tiempo que se ha tomado en volver a grabar le ha hecho bien a Bowie. En los 90s y comienzos de los 2000s sacó varios discos mediocres, así que es hora de reivindicarse.

  2. Pepe más me gustó el primer single a la décima escuchada , este temavoy 3 veces ys uenaa Bowie a mitad delos 80’s .NO ME TRASMITE NADA ……….esperaré unas 5 escuchadas más ….aunque el disco promete segpun todos y la Bowiemanía Ya es una realidad ..Saludos


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