Ace Frehley de Kiss perdería su casa por deudas con banco

Ace Frehley May Lose New York Home

by Dave Lifton
Ace FrehleyBrad Barket, Getty ImagesA bank is looking to foreclose on former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley‘s home in Yorktown, N.Y. In the filing, the bank claims Frehley has not paid his mortgage since March 1, 2011.

According to, Frehley owes a principal of $703,581.48, plus interest, late charges and fees from a $735,000 mortgage he took out in 2006. U.S. Bank National Association is asking the local court to force the sale of the three-acre plot, which includes the 2,441-square foot, two-story, three-bedroom house.

In addition to his unpaid mortgage, public records show that Frehley has not paid taxes on the property since Dec. 30, 2011. A lien of approximately $5,000 was placed in 2011, and he owes more than $13,000 in 2012 back taxes.

The Westchester County house was purchased in 2000 by Jendell Productions – so named after the home planet of Frehley’s “Spaceman” persona – and transferred to Frehley four years later at no cost. It is not known if it serves as Frehley’s residence, but it listed as the business address for Max Cake Productions, a movie and video company owned by Frehley.


Un pensamiento en “Ace Frehley de Kiss perdería su casa por deudas con banco

  1. Crazy dude that Ace Frehley… I met him a few years ago when he came to Miami attending Bill Aucoin’s funeral. I was working in one of the Marriott’s in Hollywood Florida. I remembered receiving a phone call from my boss telling me that one of my idols checked-in a few minutes ago. I waited for Ace in front of the hotel, wearing my uniform of course, but didn’t get paid because I wasn’t in the schedule that day. He came later driving an old cadillac, so I approached him and opened his door, funny think is that after all the money I have been expended in my life for KISS stuff he ask me: WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? , I am the valet parker Mr. Frehley, was my answer, regretting being a KISS fan in that moment He walk inside of the Hotel. With him was also Lidia Criss, another KISS family member and former Peter Criss wife… it was another wow moment to me, if you are reading this and are a KISS fan you will know that she is BETH from the most famous KISS song ever.
    I newer went home and stayed working for the next three days, until one night he called requesting fresh towels… I was so exited!!! then same shit happened again lol. He yelled from inside… WHO THE FUCK IS KNOCKING THE DOOR… Hugo The Bellman Mr. Frehley, in my mind was very clear that i have the right to called him just Ace… but my professionalism didn’t let me do it. A chick opened, blond hot Californian bitch sucking Ace’s little money and living the rock star life. She was half naked, but i didn’t care, so I scanned view everything behind her… A pair of boots, disorder everywhere, I saw his food laying on the bed, he was crawling some words and complaining about me… again. And then I saw a guitar.. a fender stratocaster sunburst color… WHAT??? The Les Paul man playing with the enemy… Ace I got your secret now mother fucker… I though.
    Ace Frehley sent me 20 bucs tip, I didn’t know if collecting the money after all that happened before was a good idea. Fuck it… I expend it.
    Next day I really met him, and have a nice and sincerely conversation (for another time Cucho)… picture wasn’t allowed for me as an employee. He personalized his signature to me, including the Ace of Spades which I is one of my most important items in my larger KISS collection



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