Mick Jagger and Edie Sedgwick

Mick jagger Eddie Sedgwick cucho peñaloza

Rene Ricard: “I was one of Edie’s escorts that night the limousines pulled up to The Scene., where she met Mick Jagger. I was there, and you don’t know how I felt, 17 years old. It was an extraordinary moment! Edie Segwick, the most famous girl in New York, and Mick Jagger, the most famous singer and the one everybody wanted to ****! And there he was. It was in front of the coat-check place that it happened. Mick Jagger was there and Edie was there, facing each other. She said, ‘How do you do? I just love your records’. Well, what do you say? And he said, ‘Oh, thank you’. Then, all of a sudden, there was an explosion of people and every corner of the Scene emptied into the tiny vestibule where were were standing. People were pushing and banging up against each other. The flashbulbs were blinding. Edie was able to get to the ladies’ room, the poor thing!” 


Buy the book, worth it 100 % , Está en castellano tambien recomiendo la película ciao manhattan.




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  1. muy buenos dias acabo de enterarme de tu blog y la verdad es que me parece muy bueno no sabia de mas personas interesadas en estos temas, aqui tienes un nuevo lector que seguira visitandote semanalmente.


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