Jimmy Page cumple 69 años y está de vuelta

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Feliz día Jimmy Page (Zoso) uno de los mejores guitarristas, músicos y visionarios de los últimos siglos.

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Jimmy Page is 69 today (January 9th).
In a career that has spanned over six decades, he has written the rule book on the art of rock guitar. From monolithic riffing to blistering solos. From acoustic beauty to vast instrumental guitar orchestration. Eastern tunings, Bues, 50s rock’n’roll psychedelic and full on riffs – his catalogue mirrors all those stiles and much more.
The Celebration Day film has only heightened the worldwide admiration and fasciation for this very special musician who continues to inspire and enthrall…
There were enough hints during the Celebration Day and Kennedy Center Honors media blitz, that Jimmy Page soon intends to be making new music of his own. He was quoted in Guitar World magazine as stating “This time last year I intended to be actually playing by now in a live outfit. So that will have to be postponed now into sort of next year, tail end of next year. But I definitely want to be doing that.”
When asked about his next move by Kirsty Long in the BBC interview Jimmy said, ‘’Whatever I do next will always have these different moods and shades and colours because that’s how I am really… what I will be working on in the new year, because that’s when I intend to be doing it… well, I can’t really tell you can I?! What I can tell you is I’m still on my own at the moment, I haven’t pulled my musicians in but I will be doing so? in the new year and we shall see what we shall see… but I’m prepared. I’ve got a lot of material for this, I’ve written it myself, but yes the access point or the inspiration still fits in with other cultures.’’
As he put it on his official website on new year day…The year of the muse…
He remains the true lord of the strings….
Below is a round up of clips that vividly illustrate his unique genius.
Happy Birthday Jimmy from all of us to you…




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