Nirvana : Disfrazados para Halloween de 1993 …

kurt cobain barney 2

Nirvana played on Halloween October 31, 1993 at James A. Rhodes Arena, The University of Akron, in Akron, Ohio ( Devo´s and Pere Ubu land among many great bands ) .  All band members dressed up in costumes for the show.  Kurt Cobain dressed as a drunk Barney with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s in his hand, which he chugged through the mask’s mesh mouth.


 Pat Smear dresses as Slash

nirvana halloween 1993 kurt cobain barney pat smear slash

Dave Grohl was a mummy and Krist Novoselic was a white-faced “reverse Ted Danson” with “P.C.” on his forehead for “Politically Correct.”  

Here’s a photo of Krist from the Halloween show in whiteface as a “reverse Ted Danson”.

Krist Novoselic Reverse Ted Danson Nirvana Halloween Show Kurt Cobain As Barney



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