Rolling Stones review from Bjørnulf Vik from this night Nov 25, London 02.

I met Bjørnulf  sevenyears ago, in Buenas Aires for the two Rolling Stones shows in March of 2006 ( gonna look for the pics with him ) He has my respect , he’s been in hundreds of Stones gigs since 1973 .

He dosent drink alcohol, only ice cream for the shows  “Sugar is energy, he told me”     here´s what he saw tonight.he is the owner of IOOR..Respect for that

Report by Bjørnulf Vik
It has been a long wait, and now as the show is over, I am exhauted! There were so many great moments tonight. Like when Mick said from his heart, and not reading from any scripts, how much he thanked us, the fans, for coming back, listening to their music, and buying their records. For fifty years. Or when Keith took the center stage to give us yet another great Sympathy For The Devil guitar lead, sort of made me forget all the other great guitar players that took stage tonight. Because after all Keith is next to nothing when he takes the lead on his guitar. No compromises. Or when Mick Taylor forgot about the Stones and started improvisations on “Midnight Rambler”. Then he was good old guitar hero Mick Taylor. Or Bill, thankfully on two songs, and I could see his smile, he was happy!

They gave us two and a half hours. I am not sure if I will sleep tonight. But the good news are I am so lucky I will see them again on Thursday in the same house!

It all started at 8:27pm. They ran a video of fans talking about their feelings about the Stones. There was Elton John. And there was Johhny Depp. And there were us. The fans. I did recognize some familiar faces. The collage was done nicely, running quickly with bits from fans in Europe, USA and Japan, telling about their love for the band. It was a 5 minutes video, nice! And as you might know, we all helped in a bit in making this video. Real fans!

Then it was on to some stomp sort of rhythms a la Sympathy For The Devil, heating up the beat and the crowd for what is soon to come. The drums are growing stronger and stronger and then, right around 8:35pm, they hit the same stage they left 5 years ago. “I Wanna Be Your Man”. So fast. So good. Kick start!

“Gimme Shelter” with Mary J Blige was perfect. Sorry Lisa, I have seen many guest artists but this one is probably one of the best. Please keep Mary J Blige in the set for all the shows! She wasn’t shy at all. And she rocked! I think she was all over the stage, with Keith, With Ronnie, with Mick a lot, and her voice and interpretetion was so great for Gimme Shelter.

I could have written all night, but I need some sleep…. I just wanted to mention the stage. Fantastic. No B-stage. No technicalities with moving band members or moving stages. Mick had a monkey sort of coat for Sympathy For The Devil, it looked strange, and he got rid of it fast anyway.

Wild Horses had some difficulties. It sort of lost the flow. Don’t know why. They have done better versions. But who am I to complain, I just noticed it was not following the flow, may be it was me, or the sound. Did not bother me much.

May be it was planned that way, or may be it was a bonus. I don’t know. But when they started “Miss You”, Mick had some problems with his headset. So he told Darryl to do a bass solo. Keith and Ronnie was big smiles as Darryl played and played, how often do you get an extended bass solo with the Stones? The crew worked like crazy with Mick’s headset and then he was back on a strong version of Miss You!

Then the Choir on “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” – in fact two Choirs, one on either side. They were great. Big big smiles on the all the young girls’ faces, while the boys looked very serious for some reason.

It will be three long days until I will se them again on Thursday. Thank you Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie – and Bill and Mick T. Thank you for your music. You have been – and you are – a major part of my life!

I took some pictures during the show. Security was great, nice, and allowed all our little cameras and mobile phones, so that we could bring our private little pictures back to our family, children and grandchildren, to show them what is still in fact the greatest rock’n’roll band on this planet!



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