El Long Play más caro de la historia #Entérate

John Lennon  autografiando su disco a su futuro asesino  Mark David Chapman 

El disco fue vendido en el 201o por  850,000 dolares .tiene unas manchas de sangre de John ………MUNDO AL REVÉS ..

John Lennon Signing An Autograph For Mark David Chapman

El álbum  firmado por John Lennon

Autographed Double Fantasy Album Mark David Chapman


Album signed by John Lennon for Mark Chapman on sale for £500,000

The album that John Lennon signed for Mark Chapman hours before the fan killed the former Beatle is up for sale at over £500,000.


John Lennon's killer Mark Chapman is denied parole


The Double Fantasy LP was signed by Lennon as he left his home at the Dakota building in New York City on December 8th 1980.

When he returned five hours later with his wife Yoko Ono from a recording session he was shot dead by Chapman.

Photographer Paul Goresh was among the fans outside Lennon’s home and took the only photograph of the singer signing the album with a Chapman in the background.

In the chaotic aftermath of the shooting the album was dropped on the floor.

A maintenance man found the record at the Dakota entrance and handed it over as evidence.

It was later returned by New York City prosecutors with a letter of thanks from the District Attorney involved in the prosecution of Chapman.

The album is being sold for $850,000 through autograph dealer Gary Zimet’s online site momentsintime.com.

“The album is the most extraordinary artefact in rock and roll history. It has Lennon’s signature on the cover and Chapman’s forensically enhanced finger prints on the sleeve,” said Mr Zimet.




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