La tarde de hoy martes 28, el diario LANACION.COM, habría confirmado el fallecimiento de quien fuera líder del grupo Soda Stereo Gustavo Cerati.

Con el pasar de las horas, la noticia causó un colapso en internet, donde no se manejó más información al respecto, solo se tenía la información que el precitado Diario había subido a su página web.

Por tal motivo nosotros informamos  la noticia haciendo  incapié que el diario antes citado había dado la noticia.

Horas después, la información fue dada por  distintos medios, causando versiones distintas y ninguna confirmada oficialmente por la familia de Gustavo Cerati.

Seguidamente, en el Twitter Oficial del cantante Gustavo Ceratidicha información de su fallecimiento  fue tajantemente desmentida.

Debbie Harry de Blondie: Sus desnudos pre Blondie ………

Debbie Harry worked as a  Playboy Bunny at New York City´sPlayboy Club. 

Deborah Harry Blondie Debbie Playboy Bunny NYC

In searching for the Playboy Bunny pictures of Miss Harry, it was  found a bunch of hot pictures of Deborah in her Blondie heyday.  You can google tehm easily .nice girl indeed.

Huracán Sandy comienza a inundar GROUND ZERO en Nueva York (Fotos)

GROUND ZERO Sea water floods the Ground Zero construction site where the World Trade Center Twin Towers used to stand in New York City on Monday. Superstorm “Sandy” forced the shutdown of mass transit, schools and financial markets, sending coastal residents fleeing. AP

NEW YORK—As Superstorm “Sandy” churned slowly inland, millions along the US East Coast awoke Tuesday without power or mass transit, and huge swaths of New York City were eerily quiet. At least 23 people were killed in seven states.

The storm that made landfall in New Jersey on Monday evening with hurricane force cut power to at least 7.4 million across the East and put the presidential campaign on hold just one week before Election Day.

New York was among the hardest hit, with its financial heart closed for a second day and seawater cascading into the still-gaping construction pit at the World Trade Center. The storm caused the worst damage in the 108-year history of New York’s subway system, and there was no indication of when the largest US transit system would be rolling again.

Johnny Rotten Lydon de los Sex Pistols / PIL rodeado por los Van Halen ..

Creo que todos sabemos que los hermanos Eddie y Alex Van Halen son un poco pedantes y David Lee Roth y Michael Anthony nunca los pasaron mucho.

En fin todos sabemos que Johnny Rotten Lydon de los Sex Pistols / PIL  con una sola mueca puede decir MIL PALABRAS ……………..SERVIDOS



Larry White shared your photo.
I remember this like it was yesterday. PiL and Van Halen had the same travel agent and both bands were playing St. Louis. In those days there was just one great rock and roll hotel….Swingos. We shared a floor with Van Halen and took this photo in the bar, I think. Eddie Van Halen came over to my room in his bathrobe and we spent half the night talking. Great memories.


Courtney Love : De niña en la contratapa de los Greatful Dead

Courtney Love (then known as Michelle Love Harrison) was one of the people photographed on the back cover of the 1969 Grateful Dead album “Aoxomoxoa“.  That’s her below (circled in red) wearing a shawl sitting beneath the trees amongst the roadies and band members.

Courtney Michelle Love Harrison Grateful Dead Aoxomoxoa Album Photo

Her estranged father Hank Harrison was an “amateur acid maker” and briefly served as road manager for The Dead.  David Gans, confirmed the rumor that Love was in the photo.  He said, “Courtney Love did in fact appear on the back cover of Aoxomoxoa as a child.  Her father wasHank Harrison, one of the band’s road managers in the early days of the Grateful Dead

Here’s a photo of a young Courtney and one with her father Hank.

Courtney Love Grateful Dead Hank Harrison

Hank Harrison Courtney Love Grateful Dead

Hank Harrison wrote a book called “Love Kills: The Assasination of Kurt Cobain.”