Brian Rasic : Some of the eyes behind the Stones and many other artists .

The man behind the lens  ……….

                Brian Rasic and Stones drummer  ” Charlie Watts “


   The Official photographer for Keith signature day of his bio book  “Life ” .

           Brian hanging with Ronnie Wood  at his personal  exhibition.

Brian Rasic was born  in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, same year as rock and roll was born in Memphis, He is living in London now and work as a profesional photographer with mayor acts like The Roling  Stones,  David Bowie, Paul McCartney, David Gilmour etc, etc . 
Still a humble man after this crazy rock n roll ride around the world, he share some thoughts with us ….

Dream Pic by Brian Rasic : Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Pete Townshend. 

I asked him yesterday some questions , here is some stories  that  Brian shared very naturally.

 Q – First Time you saw the Rolling Stones 
A –  I saw The Rolling Stones back in 1973 for the very first time, in Bern, Switzerland, where I was living at the time. It was great and it was their first time to play the country as they were banned till then. It was at the Arena size around 10.000. I didn’t take pics at the time but I was definitely hooked for life with the bendLoved them from before, but seeing them live just confirmed that they were the best band in the world. Next time was in Zargeb, Yugoslavia, in 1976. I took some pics from  the crowd for the first time. Officially it all started in 1982, as I moved to London few years before. I was given Photo Pass by PR that is still their PR, LD Communications. That is how my journey with The Stones started officially.

   Charlie and Ronnie making promotion for the double Some Girls , London 2011.

Q – When was the last time you took some pics of The Stones ? 
A –  Last time I took pics of them and for them, only last week here in London, for the 50th Anniversary Exhibition opening and book launch. It was great. They were in great spirit and I took some posed pics of them before they did the photo call for all the photographers. That was great. Later on, I was photographing the private view, party, that was very private … for ‘family and friends’.
They were all very happy to be there, to see friends and it was wonderful to be part of their celebration. I wasn’t there at the Marquee gig on 12 July 1962 but here I was, 50 years later to celebrate with them and it makes me proud.

     The Stones before going to the Marquee, London 12. 50 years anniversary day.

Q – Your 5  Stones fav song  ?
 A – Very difficult to choose top five songs but let’s try Gimme Shelter, Satisfaction, Midnight Rambler, Sympathy For The Devil, Monkey Man … OMG, it’s all gone now  not an easy task as I love so many really and there’s so many good ones, great ones.

       Great pic of Keef, Italy 2006. First show after falling down the palm three.

Q – Your 5 Stones fav albums  ? 

A –  Beggar’s Banquet, Let it Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Exile on Main Street, Black and Blue … love so many … again, very difficult to choose but this is close.

Jagger / Richards performing Salt of the earth for the victims of Twin Towers 2001.

Q- I know you worked and work in the present  with some of the biggest names in show bussines,can you tell me some names ? 

A-  Other stars that I worked with closely include David Bowie, Paul McCartney, David Gilmour, … there so many really.

Q – Tell me what you feel  about digital chameras and the old school photos using films
 A- .I like digital photography but I regret at the same time that there’s no film no more! Back in film days, you had to be skilled, you had to be a photographer. There was magic about it. Taking pics and then after developing the film seeing the result. Not everybody was a photographer like today. We were kind of special if you know what I meanToday things are different and it’s all about speed and having it now and there. And with technology it’s easier. I believe that main problem is in the amount of photographers and pictures on offer. It’s all diluted now … not special any more in some respect.

Chalie looking the new book of the Rolling Stones 50 years. 

 Brian´s  pic on the Rolling Stones official facebook and Rolling Stones books.

Well you can go to his website and still enjoying tons of great pics
Check Brian Rasic work at

NEW : Brian Rasic  on TV !!!!!!!!!!




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